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Ask of Me and I Will Give You the Nations for Your Inheritance” Psalms 2:8


iIn April 15, 1989, the Lord gave Paula two open visions. Please (see Missions). The first vision alerts us to prepare for His coming coronation on earth and that the Coronation Jewels have already been dispatched to earth to make ready for the King. The second vision describes that Darryl and Paula are to send sanctified worship artists and musicians into the cathedrals of the world which were at one time dedicated to be the earthly representation of the Holy of Holies, but over the centuries became spiritually
devoid of His Spirit. The purpose of these Coronation Services would be to gather the clergy from the state capitals and regions to pray and declare the sovereignty and majesty of the King of the Nations and again establish His glory in the Cathedrals and there-by retaking these regions for the Messiah. The conclusion of these services would present His Coronation here on earth as He returns to usher His bride up to the wedding and therefore we would call them


In April 2016, Dr. Howard Morgan international prophetic teacher officially called Paula forward to the Lord’s spotlight and illumination because it was the Lord’s season and timing in His kingdom. Paula was now to move in the confidence of His calling not doubting the magnitude of His invitation. He then took out a solid silver signet ring of the Lion of Judah, anointed and imprinted the seal upon her forehead and said this is the Lord’s OFFICIAL COMMISSIONING.


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