Dr. Darryl D. Gilbert, Senior Pastor

Minister, Teacher, Worship Leader , Choral Conductor, Arranger & Composer, Percussionist, Pianist.


Darryl received his Ph.D. in Humanities from Coral Ridge Baptist Seminary in Florida, was ordained at Glendale, California Graduate School of Theology. During his graduate studies in Music at the Universities of California at Santa Barbara, California he included a class in the orchestration of film scores. He also studied percussion at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, California. He completed further graduate studies at the University of Washington in Washington State. He did undergraduate studies at the University of Redlands, and completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Music at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA.


He started his musical career in the Los Angeles area as a child on marimba for ladies clubs and social gatherings. In the ninth grade, he turned professional, joined the Musician’s Union, and attended and graduated from Hollywood Professional School as Valedictorian and received the Bank of America Award for Math and Science. In college Darryl had extensive experience in professional symphonic performances as well as numerous television and recording experiences. In the military, stationed in Germany, he eventually became the director of the Third Infantry Division Chorus on tour promoting German American relations.


After Darryl and Paula were married in 1983 the Lord called them to the east coast in Virginia where Darryl was called as a minister of music to Christian Fellowship Church and Paula established Performing Arts Ministries. During this time, the Lord called Performing Arts Ministries to be active in inter-congregational gatherings in large venues with the National Days of Prayer at the National Shrine, Senate Rotunda, West Capital, White House, and directing Easter Sunrise Services for twelve years at theLincoln Memorial with Amos and Sue Dodge and Colonial Christmas Concerts on the courthouse steps in Leesburg, Virginia. In 1991, he was commissioned to orchestrate, direct and record a background with members of the National Symphony called “America It’s Surely Time to Pray” which was premiered at Trinity Broadcasting Network in Los Angeles in 1991 with his wife, Paula, as soloist in 1991 (just prior to the Gulf War Crisis). Shortly after that, they were invited on the 700 Club, Christian Broadcasting Networkto do a presentation on Evangelism through Classical Music. During this time, they worked with Coach Gibbs’ Boys Home and helped present the boys in a Presidential Kennedy Center Concert where they appeared with Sandy Patti, Bob Hope and the Red Skins football team. In 2000, they were called to musically direct Jesus Day 2000 for forty congregations at the Patriot Center using pageantry, dance, voice and instruments.


Currently, Darryl is the pastor of The Chapel of the Holy Spirit which meets in their Leesburg home. The Chapel of the Holy Spirit is a branch of Whole Word Fellowship, formerly Church at Northern Virginia, in Oakton, VA, with which they have been associated for the past 9 years.


Dr. Paula Gilbert, Senior Pastor

Soprano Soloist, Worship leader, Choral conductor, Stage director,  Psalmist, Lecturer, and Pianist


Paula received her Ph.D. in Humanities from  Coral Ridge Baptist Seminary, Florida; Master’s of Music in Vocal Performance from Texas Technical University; and a Bachelor of Music from California State University at Fullerton.  Paula was born and raised in a Ukranian Orthodox musical family in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  When she entered high school, her family moved to Los Angeles, California.  While attending California State University, she was accepted for three consecutive summers at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara and studied with the renowned Metropolitan Opera baritone, Martial Singher.  Completing her Masters, she directed the opera program at Grinnell College in Iowa while attending the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria for two summers which opened the door for a permanent position in Vienna, Austria for five years.  She was given the opportunity to tour Europe with the Mozart Salzburg Opera Company as well as sing concerts in southern Austria.


In 1982, she returned from Europe and met her husband-to-be, Darryl, in Los Angeles after she gave her life to the Lord.  Upon receiving her call into full time ministry, she gave her final performance in the opera world as “Mashenka” in The Bartered Bride at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles and married Darryl.


From that time on, they moved to Virginia where she founded Performing Arts Ministries; excelled as the music director for Joe Gibbs Charities which included Presidential performances at the White House and Kennedy Center; functioned as soloist and worship leader for Women’s Aglow and various women’s ministries including International Women’s Conference in Sophia, Bulgaria in 1991 and 1992 under the leadership of Dee Jepson.


She also sang a premier song for an international call to prayer on Trinity Broadcasting Network in 1991 in Los Angeles.  In 1996, she led her first team to Israel for an international conference on Mount of Olives.  In 1998, she and Darryl were called to London to lead a worship conference for the International Pentecostal Cathedral.


These last three years she and Darryl have been called to the Middle East seven times to assist Christine and Peter Darg, founders of Exploits Ministries and news correspondents for Christian Broadcasting Network in Europe and the Middle East.  In October 2008 (their 7th trip to Israel, Jordan and Egypt) they functioned as the musical directors and coordinators for an outreach in Bethlehem celebrating the fifth day of the Feast of Tabernacles in the place of Jesus’ birth.


Darryl and Paula also enjoy seeing the Lord work in the lives of their five children and six grandchildren who all reside in Virginia.



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