Beliefs and Vision

A church that has a heart for people who are searching for the reality of Christ, the Messiah, actively working in their lives as part of the Kingdom of God. Our focus is on worship, the Word and fellowship in a Spirit filled atmosphere while looking for His return.


Our vision for Performing Arts Ministries and the Chapel of the Holy Spirit

A multi-purpose state-of-the-art facility which will be able to host an international worship center and seminary. In this facility we see a main performance hall, rehearsal halls, classrooms, dance studios, banner and art studios. An outdoor amphitheater would also be an incredible outreach to the community for musicals and plays. We would seek faculty that would be full of God’s wisdom, skilled, and function in the Bezaleel anointing. We also like to seek accreditation through an existing Christian Institution. Part of their curriculum would be a 24/7 worship service in which we would include local worship and intercessory leaders to participate.


We would want to be able to host top Christian artists in regular concert series as well as promote local talent in dinner theater and coffee shop formats. We would also like to host a yearly Christian Worship Festival as part of the International Worship Center outreach.




We would very much appreciate your prayers towards our vision in reaching our goal to have our land become a place of ministry through arts and music as well as handling future needs due to the times we are living in.  If the Lord places it on your heart to sow into our ministry, you may do so by clicking the Donate Button below.


You may also send a check to: PAM/Chapel of the Holy Spirit, 39325 Crooked Bridge Lane, Leesburg, VA 20175.  Please be sure to write in the memo line: Donation


All Donations are tax-deductible as we are 501(c)3 - Non-profit.


Future Plans for Chapel Building

We encourage you to donate on line as the Lord leads you.  God Bless You!

Paula's Coronation Visions,

April 15, 1989

Vision 1:

I was very excitedly standing in heaven before the Coronation jewel room which reminded me of the Tower of London and I attempted to enter but the gates were locked. Suddenly the Lord appeared and I asked if I might see the resplendent coronation jewels. When He gave me access to the room which was very large and filled with ornate glass jewel cases, I ran from case to case realizing they were all empty! I was perplexed and asked the Lord where the coronation jewels might be. He said “they were dispatched to earth in preparation for His coming coronation on earth”!


Scripture references:  Malachi 3:17;  Isaiah 62:3-5; 1 Peter 2:4-5;  Isaiah 54:11-15


Vision 2:

In my second dream/vision, my husband Darryl and I were standing in front of a large wooden stage where a worship rehearsal was just being completed. There was a large group of dancers arrayed in shimmering white worship garments (priests wear garments-performers wear costumes), magnificent banners hanging around the stage, some stationary others prepared for movement in worship. The singers were getting off of risers, instrumentalists coming forth from the orchestral pit. When I sought to understand what this preparation was for, I sensed the Lord telling me, that Darryl and I were to take and dispatch this rehearsal of worship and artists into the cathedrals of the world, which were at one time dedicated to His glory, but over the centuries had become spiritually devoid of His spirit. The purpose of these gatherings would be to declare the sovereignty and majesty of the coming King of the nations. The conclusion of these celebrations would present His coronation here on earth as He returns to usher His bride up to the wedding and therefore we would call them Coronation Celebrations.


Afterwards, I remember returning to the rehearsal hall, where everyone was picking up their things. I remember being overwhelmed with the immensity of such a project and asked the Lord out loud. “How would it be possible to fund such a movement as this?” I believe He told me, that by speaking the vision and making it plain, people would be drawn and respond in obedience to its implementation. I then recall that some people who did not even seem to be listening came up to me and started responding to the various needs that would be required because the Lord desired their involvement.


We believe that these world-wide Coronation celebrations would be to restore God’s presence in the National religious monuments and upper levels of society which would flow down to all people to prepare and demonstrate through worship in the arts, the necessity to know Him and dwell into His presence as He prepares us for His return and the difficult times which will accompany them.


Official Cathedral Commisioning:

Dr. Howard Morgan, April 16th, 2016 Leesburg, Virginia


   Originally the Lord had called me out of the spot light in the world's opera performances. He had to rid me of my prima donna pride and allow me to die to the flesh so that He would become the center of my life. Dr. Howard said the Lord was pleased to see that I passed the multitudes of tests and heartbreaks which continued to deepen my humility. But now the Lord was calling me forward to work in His spotlight and illumination because it was His time for me. This spotlight would be in iridescent multitudes of color representing the diversity of the people that would receive the songs and prophetic songs I would be singing. Different cultures would receive different messages from the same song I would be singing even if it was not in their language! I was now to move in confidence of the calling not doubting the magnitude of His invitation. He then took out a solid silver signet ring of the Lion of Judah, slathered my forehead with anointing oil and imprinted the seal upon my forehead and said this is now the official seal Lord's Commissioning!




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